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From the first lesson I took with Scott, I knew his calling was teaching playing guitar. He understands how to approach someone with nothing to little experience like me.

Thank to your patience and humble attitude I learned how to understand music in a simple way, and help me grasp so much on every lesson. I have grown to love my guitar and enjoy every session we have.


Again, thank you so much!  Saul


My wife gave me a guitar for our anniversary after I had made multiple references to learning how to play as a bucket list item. I found Scott after conducting an Internet search and have been taking lessons from him non-stop for the past 6 months. Scott has been the best decision I have made in pursuing this passion. He keeps me focused and teaches me technique over just "trick" playing the guitar. He provides me with songs and licks that are meant to reinforce technique and reminds me constantly that "no band is looking for you to play tonight so own it slow and think ahead." My passion and excitement about playing guitar is fueled by his knowledge and experience and moreover his patience with me. I have enjoyed learning from Scott and look forward to many more sessions with him well into the future. 

Scott B


Scott is a wonderful teacher. My kids have been taking lessons from him for the past year and have learned so much. Scott listens  to what the kids want to play and makes it fun for them to learn. Scott offers his talent at a very affordable rate. He is wonderful!

Jen C. ( mom to A and J)

Scott is always patient and meets you were you are....and reminds you that you don't have a gig tonight so own it slow.




As an adult, I finally took the time to learn how to play the guitar. I’m blessed to have found an instructor like Scott. Scott is extremely patient with his students and provides the right amount of structure with fun. After more than 2 years, thanks to Scott, I have  learned a lot and I’m still going strong.





For Nikolas


The way Mr. Scott teaches is very easy to understand. He is very patient, and he will go through what you just learnt as many times as needed. It has been almost a year since i started taking lessons, and I can say that he inspired me in broadening my music interest. Mr. Scott has been teaching me scales, chords, and other necessary techniques and I can proudly say that now I am able to play lots of  songs.


For Soraja


After taking my son to guitar lessons for three months, I decided to take my chances and start learning the guitar. With no prior experience, and within a few  months, I have become comfortable with chords,and scales and , more importantly, able to play my favourite songs including the ones by Pink Floyd, Beatles, The Eagles..... Now I am more passionate than ever to continue learning, and become more proficient. 


I have been taking classes with Scott the past one month and with no doubt he is one of the most cool instructors i have been with. He takes things easy and smooth which works perfectly with me. Scott instructs guitar from the basic and I feel that I understand guitar as I progress my learning. As a beginner I highly recommend scott to anyone! He is the best guitar instructor around!!



As a guitar instructor (teacher) Scott is one of the best. He is really patient, honest, and professional. I still amaze myself because he has shown me to really listen to the music not just to play it. He goes over every piece of music step by step no matter how many times you want him too. I want to thank him for being so patient and honest. I really enjoy playing, it's not really work it's fun!!!


- Louis


Scott isn’t a good guitar teacher – he is a fabulous guitar teacher.   He is like a golf coach.  He can watch what you are doing and make small corrections that bring you to the next level.  He has made it fun, interesting and has helped me fill a dream of being a guitar player.  One day I will be on stage and I will owe it all to him.  If you want to learn and learn in a way that will distinguish you from all the rest, Scott is the one for you!!


- Rick


My favorite thing about Scott's teaching is his unfailing optimism. Every time I make a mistake, his correction is so smooth and gentle that he convinces me that what felt like a hiccup a moment before is actually a great new door into learning the next thing. I expected it would take me months to develop the comfort and confidence that Scott has helped me reach in 6 weeks, and I love playing even more than I expected. I look forward to every lesson!


- Jas


Scott is a very knowledgeable and experienced player as well as a great instructor. After only a few lessons with him I feel as if the guitar has been "unlocked" for me and his teaching method truly makes learning fun! If you want to learn music theory, go to school for it. If you want to learn how to jam, Scott is your man!


- Don


I started taking guitar lessons with Scott less than a year ago. I am amazed at the pool of knowledge that I have to draw from with him and the amount of knowledge and technique that I was able to pick up in a short period of time. He has a ton of experience and is a great teacher and I have a great deal of respect for him. He is very patient and will work with you in any way that he can to help you accomplish your goals not matter what they may be. I look forward to continue taking lessons with Scott in the future. He can truly help make you a much better player.


Kevin C



Scott Keeps it interesting for me and this keeps me coming back weekly. Thanks Scott ! !


- Mary



I went to two teachers before Scott and it wasn’t until I started training with him that I felt like I was actually making real progress in my guitar. He has a comprehensive understanding of guitar and takes out the confusion in learning it. He is patience and really likes teaching and you feel that as a student he genuinely cares about your progress." Personally, I feel fortunate I've found a teacher in this area who has been so helpful in my learning and understanding of music.


- Joel


In late 2009, I found Scott Robertson online. I thought his price was too good to be true, and decided to contact him. Contacting Scott was one of the best decisions I ever made. It's 2011, and I remain a student, seeing Scott once per week. He is an accomplished guitarist, and a great teacher. Scott teaches in such an encouraging and supportive manner that it makes me want to play better. He has a broad understanding of guitar, and he never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge. In addition to teaching, Scott has provided me with advice on guitars and equipment. I would highly recommend Scott to anyone - from beginner to advanced player - interested in guitar.


- Rich


I was 12 and just beginning, when I found Scott. I've been working with him for a year and a half now. He teaches me everything I want to know and everything I didn't even know I needed to know! He never treats me like a kid, or makes me feel stupid. When I ask him to teach me a certain song and he doesn't know it, he'll either figure it out right then and there, or he'll know it for me the next week! I learn something new about the guitar every week with him. Scott is my hero!!


- Kip


I am a guitar tech and hobbyist player. Working on guitars all the time and having a family I don't get to play as much as I want to or learn new things. Sometimes I find myself playing the same old stuff, over and over. I found Scott on Craiglist and thought it might be good for me to take some lessons from a pro player. When I took my first lesson with Scott, I knew in a few minutes of watching him play that this guy was phenomenal player. He is patient,easy to get along with and his prices are great. He is a really good teacher and he really makes the lessons fun for me. If you want to improve your level of skill or are just beginning then this is the guy you should try. 

- Gary Madison


Scott is just the kind of guitar teacher I needed. Experienced, patient, and no pressure. I had played acoustic guitar in college and off and on over the past 35 years...more off than on. I decided to try electric guitar and Scott helped me with my selection of a guitar and amp. He helped me correct hand positions, worked on scales with me, and helped me learn some favorite guitar pieces. He is flexible on scheduling lessons and is very easy to talk to which made every lesson fun and stress free! I highly recommend taking lessons from Scott!


- Linda



Scott (Father): Scott has been my teacher for 2 years and has made learning so much easier than if I were doing it on my own. If I want to learn a song that he doesn't know, he will listen to it and learn it in a heartbeat and breaks the song in to parts and teaches it to me which makes it a lot easier. The man can play any rock, or blues you can think of. From Southern Rock to Hendrix, Stevie Ray, Judas Priest and everything in-between.


Best investment I've ever made. - Scott P.



Scotty (Son): I first started playing guitar when I was 11 and went to my uncle for lessons. After about six months, my uncle Stan told me to start going to Scott Robertson for lessons (My uncle Stan and Scott played in a band together at that time). Using the main things my uncle taught me, I learned from Scott. Scott makes my guitar playing a lot of fun and makes harder things simple. He has the patience to teach, and he does not get frustrated. He's one of the best guitarist I've ever heard play.


- Scotty P


The first time I picked up a guitar was 3 months ago at my first lesson with Scott and I am truly amazed at how fast I am learning. He is an awesome guitar player, person and teacher. He takes the time to not only teach but show you how to really play like a pro! He goes above and beyond each lesson teaching techniques you can only learn from someone with his level of expertise in rock, blues, heavy metal and country.

 I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone serious about learning how to play or improve their skills.




Taking lessons from Scott really put me on the right track with my guitar playing. He helped me fix my playing techniques, and opened up some new doors for me. Scott knows the stuff, and knows how to explain it and show it in a way that makes sense. Thanks Scott!




When I first picked up a guitar I was thinking in a few years I would be jamming out to songs from Metallica and Pearl Jam then maybe bring out a few classics from Led Zeppelin and the Eagles. Well my career ended in about three months after practice seemed to get me nowhere. About ten years later I decided to start playing guitar again, and since I was now older, I knew it would take time. I met Scott through CraigsList and our relationship began from there. I have been taking lessons with Scott for over a year and I could not ask for a better teacher. He has worked with me and my schedule in every which way. Thank you Scott and I hope to continue lessons until I become lead guitarist in some major band. LOL. 



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