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                                     Your knowledge of music AND your physical ability to play it, "must" be balanced


I love teaching the guitar. I keep it light, fun, and casual during my sessions.  My approach consists of teaching fundamentals in the following areas:


How to condition your hands and fingers for playing the guitar...Just like basketball and football players need to train certain parts of their bodies in certain ways. You as a guitarist, must train your hands and fingers to "be in guitar shape".


  I'll show you the following:


 How to make your fingers  independently accurate and strong


 Proper finger-to-fretboard placement


 Proper pick-hand use and movements


 Rhythm patterns


 Lead / Soloing


 Proper Chord making


 How to Determine what chords go together in songs


 The 1 - 4 - 5 ... What's that all about


 Basic Theory applied to the Guitar


 About your equipment and how it works


 String Bending


 Hammer-on  and  Pull-off technique


 When learning songs, I'll show you styles of Classic Rock / Southern Rock / Blues / 50's / and some   Country techniques

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