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Question: My work schedule is different from week to week, and sometimes I travel for my job. Do you have flexibility in your scheduling?


Answer: Absolutely....As my current students will verify, flexibility is what I'm all about. Remember: There is no contract to sign, so if you need to miss a session, just give me as much notice as possible and you don't lose the money that you would by paying a music store "up front" monthly fees.


Question: Do you teach Acoustic Guitar too?


Answer: Yes I do. 


Question: What levels do you teach?


Answer: I teach Beginner, Intermediate levels. I also teach those who want to learn Classic Rock songs, Blues, etc.


Question: I don't want to sign a contract because I just don't want to take a year's worth of lessons...I only need a few to help me get over the hump.


Answer: You never sign a contract with me...Take one lesson....Take 100....Its up to you. And, should you need to miss a session, you won't lose any money because you didn't pay up front fees.


Question: What days and times do you teach?


Answer: I teach every day but Wednesdasy..10am to 9pm.


Question: I've hit "a wall" by learning on line or from a DVD. Can you help me?


Answer: Absolutely !! The problem with learning on line or by DVD/book is that you do not receive instant feedback from an instructor. Therefore, you may be practicing/playing the wrong way and then "hit the wall".


Question: How do you like your payment?


Answer: First, it's simply pay as you go...No up front monthly fees. I certainly accept cash, and after you and I have had a session or two, I'll accept your check...No need to rush to the ATM. If you say your check is good...That's good enough for me.


Question: I sometimes forget what I've been shown during a lesson. How do we handle this?


Answer: You can video record me with your mobile phone and/or I provide free paper and pens to use to take your notes. 


Question: Do you rush students in, then rush them out?


Answer: No Way !!! The main reason I want to give you 1/2 price for teaching in one hour blocks is to allow you the time "not to be rushed". Sometimes, you just need a little extra time to get your mind and hands around what it is you're trying to accomplish. I maintain a very casual and private teaching/learning environment.


Question: Where do you teach?


Answer: I teach out of my home studio in Manassas, VA. Its a private and casual setting. 


Question: Do you have references?


Answer: Yes..Please visit my Testimonials page.


Question: I'm learning by playing TAB, however my playing does not sound anything like the song...Can you help?


Answer: Yes I can...I get students all the time with this issue. Tabs are only as good as the person who publishes them. And even then, you are only given notes and not phrasing or technique.


Question: What ages do you teach?


Answer: I like to start children out around the age of 7 due to hand size and strength. For adults, there is no age limit.

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