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Electric,  Acoustic, and  Bass Guitar Lessons for Beginner and Intermediate Levels.  Also teaching styles/songs in the flavor

of Classic Rock, Blues, Country and

 Assistance in Song Writing and Recording


No  Contract  to  sign.....Ever ! !
Very  Flexible  Schedule
Pay As You Go



•You're a total beginner and want a patient and understanding instructor. 


•You've hit "The Wall" when learning by DVD, out of a book, or on-line. 


•You really wish you could play, but don't know where to start. 


•You are past the beginner stage and want to learn better technique and want to learn songs in the flavor of Classic Rock...Blues....Southern Rock...50s...Country. 


       •Don't want to sign a contract...Just need a few lessons to get you over the hump. 


           •You can play some basic chords, but you want to advance. 


              •You have a busy life and need a very flexible lesson schedule. 


         •You are realistic about the limited free time you can devote to the    guitar/lessons. 


•You don't intend to reach the "perform on stage" level, but just would love to play songs with friends, etc. 


     •You need help with chords. 


        •You have no clue why certain chords sound good while others are not so good. 


•You can run a couple of major scales but you want to be able to play fluid lead guitar that you create on the spot as you jam with friends. 


•You're tired of feeling limited because you avoided to learn  basic theory, yet you don't want to bog down with learning more than you need. 


•You're frustrated by all those method books and DVDs, with guitar instruction that becomes too confusing and doesn't get you playing like you had hoped. 


•You've always known, without guitar lessons, you've never had a real system for understanding how to unlock the guitar and really play it. 


         •You're bored to tears with what you can do on the guitar !! 



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